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Product Overview

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Which product is interesting for me?

The AV Bridge 3000 series is the flagship of our SD product portfolio.
It is a platform for 4 field standards conversion, noise reduction, TBC, aspect ratio conversion, timecode processing and much more. Optional features are standard conversion with Motion Vector, Audio Embedding/De-Embedding and DV I/O.

If you are looking for an HD conversion solution, take a look at the HD PRO series. There are solutions for Up-/Down-/Cross- and Framerate- Conversion which come along with TBC, color correction and legalization, audio mux/demux and timecode processing.

If you are searching for an SD based solution but you don't need the flexibility and the wide range of functions of the AV Bridge 3000 series, you should take a look at the PRO 10, 2000/3000 and 2000D series.
These series offer more specialized solutions for
- standards conversion
- aspect ratio conversion
- framestore synchronisation and noise reduction

The PRO 10 series is ideal for usage in combination with BetaSP through its analog component interface.

The 2000/3000 series is ideal for usage in analog scenarios without analog component interface.

The 2000D series is ideal for usage in a digital-only environment.